Local playwright in Queens!

I receive immense satisfaction from doing community engagement work, especially when I attend local arts and cultural events. I get to meet talented and dedicated people who provide cultural depth in our community. Whether they be faculty and staff who continue to practice their chosen art avocation, self-taught artists who dig deep into exploring the depths of their own creative process, or seeing the work of the many brilliant performing and visual artists, Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley is full of “awesome” folks.

About two years ago, I met a local writer at Lehigh University’s Drown Writers Series. DWS is a bi-weekly gathering for students, faculty and staff at the Humanities Center. I thought the man was a graduate student, until his introduction. Known to many staff and students who frequent the Trivia Nights at either the Bethlehem Brew Works or Steelstacks, he also co-produces local comedy nights, and is a regular presenter at Lehigh’s DWS. He is none other that Steven Bost.

Steve’s work is entertaining, smart, and full of references that make me want to keep my iPhone on so that I can sneak in a web search while he’s performing. A couple of weeks ago, I learned that one of his plays, Minerva (yes, in addition to being a successful producer and comic, he’s an accomplished playwright)  is being produced in Astoria Park – that’s Queens, New York, folks! The company, On The Square Productions presents a series of free plays in Astoria Park during the summer. Steven’s play, Minerva, will be presented on July 13-16, 20-23, 26-29 | All performances are at 7:30pm. The producers have assembled a nice collection of links for us to know even more about the play,  it’s characters,  and even includes an interview with the playwright.

Want to know how you can support Steve’s extraordinary work? Why not hop on a bus to see the production on Saturday night (July 21st). Steve is chartering a bus with a reasonable price point for all who can fit on it. The bus would leave Bethlehem around 3pm, let us off very near Astoria park with enough time to grab a bit to eat at any number of reasonably priced offerings, enjoy the play, then hop back on the bus for an easy return to Bethlehem around sometime before midnight. Sure you could think about doing it yourself. But it’ll be way cheaper on this bus and so much more fun to see with a group. And you never know what new things we’ll learn about each other on the way. See about getting off work that night, if you need to. More details on the bus will be forthcoming. I’m sure those who want to know, will know where to look. Never fear, we’ll share the info on this blog as soon as all details are confirmed. But – if you want to assure you get a seat on the bus, keep your eyes peeled to the usual suspect information resources: (Hint, Facebook, Twitter, blogs). If you’re not sure where to look, it’s time you started networking in the Lehigh Valley. There’s an amazingly treasure trove of creative people here – get out once in a while and discover them. For now, please consider blocking off the evening of July 21st and hop on the fun bus to New York.

Even if you chose to stay in town for the night – there’s still PLENTY of cool stuff happening in the Lehigh Valley.

~Silagh White, Director of Arts Engagement and Community Cultural Affairs