Lehigh Alum, Maria Mastras Jacquemetton ’83 – Mad Men Writer

Photo by Michael Darter

This post is an attempt for our readers who are not on the University relations office email list, to read about a LehighU alumnae who is a writer for the current hit AMC TV show, Mad Men. See full story here:

University Relations writer Jack Croft recounts her story about finding her voice, and a special course taught by English Professor, Ed Gallagher. Of course, there are other faculty members who encouraged her self discovery. There is so much more to her story beyond her Lehigh inspiration; check out her professional path… and Mr. Croft tells her story beautifully.

The highlight quote that compelled me to share this story on our blog?

“The community of writers is such a valuable resource, not only because you need the input and you need the organic process of workshopping, of pitching to each other, but also because you never know where your friends or colleagues are going to end up. If you share a creative vision with someone, that’s how you end up working together.” Maria Mastra Jacquemetton

If you are reading this, and you’re a writer – when is the last time you shared your writing with a friend?