Touchstone Links for “A Resting Place”

If you find yourself wandering around the Historic Bethlehem district, the Greenway Park or main campus this weekend, you may bump into an old-fashioned carnival wagon, or folks in period costumes. So what is this? It’s the latest community play produced by one of Bethlehem’s cultural treasures, Touchstone Theatre. We mentioned this piece about our local reflections of the linger impact of the United States Civil War in a previous post.

If you consider seeing one of the multiple performances happening around town this weekend, you may want to look into a few of these links before hand – it’ll give you much more material to deepen your experience.

Touchstone’s Website – on the homepage there is detailed info about each event and venue

Touchstone’s Facebook page – lots of really interesting and revealing rehearsal photos

The Civil War/Cemetery Project Blog – lots of info on the process, photos, research materials. This is an incredible documentation of the research and creative process that comes together in a 100+ cast member performance (plus a huge puppet elephant!)

Conversation with Alison Carey, video – A Resting Place playwright interview

The Civil War/Cemetery Project photo teaser video – an early look at the project

Touchstone Theatre (again) sets an important example of how we learn about our history and it’s lingering impact through this production. Additionally, there are a number of panel discussions between the performances that feature Lehigh University faculty and staff:

Friday, April 13th at 7:45pm at UBC Room of the Halpert Union Building on Moravian College’s campus – directions &parking info here.

“How the Civil War Affects Us Today”

Moderator: Dr. Daniel Jasper, Moravian College
Panelists: Sharon Brown, Moravian College, Dr. John Pettegrew (history), Lehigh UniversityDr. William Scott (history), Lehigh University  

Saturday, April 14th, 2:45pm at Touchstone Theatre (321 East 4th Street, Bethlehem) Parking info here.

“Building Community Through Theater”

Moderator: Jennie Gilrain
Panelists: Alison Carey, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Steve Ginsburg, Hartbeat Ensemble (Hartford, CT), Jp Jordan, Touchstone Theatre, Deb Sakarakis (artistic Director), Zoellner Arts Center

Sunday, April 15th,  2:45pm at Moravian Museum of Bethlehem’s Gemeinhaus. directions and parking information here.

“Bethlehem’s Civil War History”

Moderator:  Beall Fowler (Lehigh University Professor Emeritus)
Panelists: Zack Biro, Historic Bethlehem Partnership, Patricia McAndrew (Lehigh University Art Galleries coordinator and local historian), “Bethlehem Boy” editor and publisher, Jeffrey Stocker, local historian and author of multiple Civil War books, Charles Welsko, Moravian College