New course ALERT – for your consideration

Just in time for students who are registering for Fall semester 2012, a new course has been added for your consideration. The course, offered through the Lehigh University Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship is titled, “Entrepreneurial Communications for Creative Industries.” Course number ENTP1xx (see? it’s so new, we’re still waiting for a course number!)

This course will offer  practical applications of multiple methods for communications, and include in-depth discussion on content, voice and audience/customer reach.

We will cover best practices for Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Pinterest, FourSquare, Tumblr, Google+, Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Funding, guerilla marketing, YouTube, Vimeo, and even the “archaic” mass email. We may even add something new should an additional world-changing social media site launch during the summer.

Opportunities for students include building strategies for social media integration in a marketing and PR plan. This means not only knowing about the tools, but nurturing an awareness of effective execution. Want to know how the marketing for the latest movie release “Hunger Games” was so effective? Yes, we’ll study that – and more. We will analyze success stories as well as failures, both public and private.

Work flow management will be key to developing a user-based knowledge of all methods. The course will meet weekly, substantial time spent out of class to read books and articles about industry specific methods, as well as to practice the techniques and launch projects throughout the semester.

This course will be applicable to any student who understands the need for social media communications skills in any creative industry: arts, culture, sport, non-profit, start-up, academic, … you name it.

The course has a couple of unusual pre-requisites: must be a user of Facebook and Twitter for at least 3 months prior to the start of fall semester. You have the summer to get started. If you have created material and posted in any of the other methods mentioned above, great! The more you have under your belt before the semester starts, the sooner you can start building strategies.

Any questions about the course should be directed to Silagh White via email at