artist of the day #57 Kakyoung Lee

Walking to work, waiting for the subway, dancing alone at home, these are everyday aspects of a normal existence, and they can tell us a lot about ourselves. These are also just a few of our normal activities that artist Kakyoung Lee has spent much of her career analyzing. Her work can be described as having elements of print-making, animation, and illustration. Lee typically exhibits her work through one part animation installation and one part print display where she shows each frame used to make the installation.

Now usually when an animator is creating footage, each frame of movement stands on its own. This is where Kakyoung Lee stands out. With her work each from shows remnants of all the frames preceding it, which creates this beautiful and fascinating shadow of events. To me, it makes me think about how any given moment of our life is affected by everything before that. That there is only one path we could have followed to bring us to where we are today. Lee herself states “Trying to locate my identity, I seek it in the different geographic and cultural milieus through which I have passed.”

Visually, her work reminds me a bit of long exposure photography, but I know the meanings of it go much further.  She is often dealing with ideas that hold some sort of a cyclical aspect to them, such as the commute from home to work to home, or climbing up something, to only have to climb back down.

Born in Korea and currently living and working in Brooklyn, Kakyoung Lee has exhibited extensively in both countries that might be referred to as home. She just finished having a show at Mary Ryan Gallery in New York and currently has work on display at ICPNY. In addition to her animations, she has also illustrated a number of books. Please check out some of these links to see the animations.