#53: Martin Klimas

There have always been parallels between different artistic styles, mediums, and genres. It wouldn’t be specifically difficult to think about all of the things paint, photography, and music could have in common. Well someone decided to add a weird one to the list. German photographer Martin Klimas went into a studio with some really good cameras, some buckets of paint, and a stack of his favorite records, and what came out was very wild and quite beautiful.

What he did is place some translucent material over some of his speakers, pick out some cool color paint combinations, then he would let some good times roll while he took pictures of the fascinating patterns the vibrations would make. The results have almost more of a sculptural aspect to them than painting. They look like stalagtites stalagmites from another planet.

When it comes to Miles Davis, it’s hard to not break into movement. Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians looks like it was for 18 colors of paint as well. And Kraftwerk looks like it feels and sounds, from outer space. I wonder if the artist chose pictures that fit the music, or that it just couldn’t be helped. Or if he chose colors based on what music he was going to play with it. How much was he letting the music do the creating? Or did he have more influence on the result? I assume that based on the fact that he spent six months taking these photos, he had to weed some out and pick out the best ones.

I saw these pictures before and then was reintroduced to them by my homey Travis. So I decided I would see what else Mr. Klimas has been up to. Apparently he is still in the game of find the perfect nanosecond to capture an event too small for human consumption. He has several series of things exploding. My favorite is easily the ceramic kung-fu figures. They seem to simultaneously capture the power of martial arts and the fragility of the human form. Art is about showing people what is right in front of them but they can’t see. Well even though I am not often stage front to an exploding flower vase, I am glad he is pointing out things I wouldn’t be able to see anyhow.