artist of the day #50: Andrew Mar

Typically when there is a story with illustrations, the story is written first and the drawings come later. I think today’s artist is trying to change that. His name is Andre Mar. He is a graphic designer who likes to work with both digital and traditional media to create his images. With even just a quick glance one can tell that he is greatly influenced by the fantasy and science fiction side of the entertainment world. This is the theme the majority of his work falls under. His creations instantly bring the viewer into new worlds with new creatures and environments. Between the actual images and the titles, the viewer is called to instantly start putting together a story. In any given image there are elements of victory, peril, conflict, and despair. It is like he fit an entire big budget movie into a 8×10 image.

Oh and he likes to take those stories one-step further in some instances. He has developed a few small examples of short stories told through the good ole comic book format. And with some common themes one can see in a lot of his work, I do wonder if he has thought about developing a longer series based on one single plot. Perhaps he just likes telling the whole story in just one image, but I do think it would be interesting to see what he can do on a bigger scaled project.

Visually, I think the strongest part of his work is the perspective. He really does a great job of finding the most exciting angle to look at something. This combined with his knack for layout makes for some very active scenes. As far as I can tell he is mostly just creating prints to sell online, but I am sure he has more tricks up his sleeve.