artist of the day #49: Slinkachu

So there is always going to be things about our past that draw us to certain kinds of art. I once knew a very interesting dude named Dave, who amongst his many types of graffiti, would sometimes spend a day with a bag of army men from the dollar store and a bottle of super glue and would install various legions of soldiers around a given shopping mall, public park, or college campus. Years would pass, and I would be in one of these places and come across one of Dave’s installations and it would bring as pure of a smile that can be imagined to my face. With this in mind, it should be easy to understand, that anything that reminds me of these mini graffiti-esque installations is going to be something that I like.

The artist goes has chosen the moniker Slinkachu to maintain some level of secret identity. And his artistic creations are one part sculptural, one part installation, and one part photograph. His works usually contain some level of light but clever humor. Slinkachu speaks of his work as an effort to make  people pay closer attention to the world around them, to help viewers find more magic and wonder in their daily lives.

Slinkachu starts with figures he buys from various model stores and ordering catalogs. He will usually take these and alter them to varying degrees, painting them different colors, and making various accessories for them. He often plays with the juxtaposition of size in his creations and has a knack for finding a giant world in small small places.

To me, his work is the strongest when he not just sets up an installation and photographs it, but he leaves it for passer-bys to find. For his one work entitled Death and Taxes he even rigged a small speaker with the recording of a man coughing to go along with it. The civilians might not have noticed the creation at such a small scale, but the coughing caused them to take second and third looks.

I am a sucker for any artwork that is any percentage a practical joke.

Another slight thing I wanted to note along with this artist is the power of a title and brand name. I have written about 50+ artists with this project And even with spending a good amount of time with each one, I haven’t necessarily memorized each artist. But the ones I do remember quite easily are Freegums, Mamafaka, P7, and Slinkachu. So perhaps as much as many artists want to do their families proud and get their name known, they might have more success in doing so by changing it.