artist of the (day) #36: Riusuke Fukahori

When describing art, many people have said something along the lines of art being a mirror to everything that happens in the world, it is a reflection of our everyday lives. But how often is art mistaken for life? When I first came across the work of Riusuke Fukaori, my first assumption was that It was just some fairly boring photography. Then I came across the word “resin” and expected to see something about PETA protesting his work because I assumed he was freezing live goldfish in resin. Not until I saw the video about his process did I believe that his work was entirely man made, in fact I still find it difficult to fathom. I would really like to see this work in person.

His work is also difficult to classify in some ways. Is he a sculptor, or a painter? He seems to be a little of both, in very unique ways. He creates these optical illusions with layers upon layers of paint in between thin layers of resin. So his process is entirely painterly, but the end product is purely sculptural. I have seen other artists play with the layering of resin iwith some attempt at creating an optical illusion, but never has the magic been so seamless.

There is part of me that would like to see him take this same skill and patience toward creating something stranger or more complex then just goldfish, but perhaps the goldfish is what makes this work so well. He takes the most common pet on the planet, a creature given away at carnivals, and sold for nickels, and makes an absolutely gorgeous piece of art about it. Simple, but beautiful, Fukaori is the champion of the goldfish.