artist of the day #31: Sebastiaan Bremer

If you drew out a visual map covering the history of drawing and painting, you would see a fork around the time when photography came into existence. Painting needed to become more than just capturing reality and began to become much more experimental. While photography, for the most part, took over in the quest to capture exactly what our eyes were seeing. These paths were separate for a long time. Then eventually artists like Robert Rauschenberg started to experiment with combining these two art forms into a single work, by mixing photographic images with new styles of painting.

Many artists took on this approach of mixed media as well. Yet never have I seen it done so purely as with the artist Sebastiaan Bremer. When he decides to draw, paint, or etch onto one of his photos, he is still often trying to capture some sort of reality even if it is an imaginary one. The result isn’t so much a mashing together of medias, it is more fluid. It feels more like what he adds should have been apart of the photo all along. His surreal creations range from the ambient and peaceful to the aggressive and uncomfortable. Some creations still remain mostly photographic when others have been altered so much by his touch, that it is a task to find the original image.

Bremer found this balance after years and years of training to meticulously copy personal photographs of his in paint. I believe this helped to really understand where that line is between both film and paint’s ability to capture reality. Now he is building a career with dancing on that line. He is an artist you can certainly appreciate upon first glance, and just simply enjoy more after closer inspection.

This artist born in Amsterdam, currently lives and works in Brooklyn. He exhibits all over the planet and has done a ton of artist in residences. I suggest checking out his site for higher quality versions of his work. He has it built in right on the page for you to zoom in and take a closer look.