artist of the day#17: Judy Chicago

This entry isn’t as much about one Artist as it is about one project she pioneered. For the piece known as The Dinner Party is just simply too immense to be thrown in as a “oh yeah she once did this thing too.” And to talk about her, but not this project, is just insane.

As a whole, The Dinner Party is monumental. Consisting of six welcome banners, thirty-nine place settings, a heritage floor, heritage panels, and acknowledgement panels, it is more an army of individual pieces of Art than one piece in its own. (You might just want to check the link. I can only show so many pictures through here.) The idea is commemorate 1,038 women in history who have either gone under appreciated, or completely forgotten. Table settings have been created to represent thirty-nine of the women. Each setting is unique in a way specific to that individual woman. This includes a plate design that is very vaginal and elaborate, and a hand woven mat, complete with the woman’s embroidered name.

Originally created in the late 70’s, The Dinner Party has toured to 16 venues in 6 countries on 3 continents, and now finds its home in the Brooklyn Museum. The table that it all revolves around is equilateral triangle to represent, guess what, equality. The thirteen people on each side are meant to echo the number of men at the Last Supper. The project celebrates traditional female accomplishments such as sewing, textiles arts, craft, and domestic arts.

I don’t really have much specific to say in response to the work. It doesn’t require much in-depth interpretation. I just think it is a monumental achievement that people should check out if they haven’t already. Use the link below to “walk” through all the parts of the project.

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  1. Judy Chicago is one of my all time favorite artists BECAUSE of her “over the top” inclusion of materials and ideas in her installations. She is the first artist that really showed me what installation art means – and love her for opening my eyes to it.

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