Artist of the Day #9: George Georgi

Most of the time I come across an artist, I might know something about them before, find something out about them at the exhibit, or can find something online about them later. In this case, I have none of the former. I found this artist through some more random wondering throughout the city. I had some time to kill before work and stumbled upon the School of Visual Arts. Peeking into the windows, I saw they had some work on display and decided to check it out. Based on my judged quality of the work, I thought I could find a profile on the artist when I got home, but such wasn’t the case. So here is my take on the artist Georgi Georgiev, influenced by no explanations or others’ views.

Georgi seems to be mainly an experimental portraitist. He is taking untraditional methods of putting a portrait together, and within that, tells something about the subject that a normal photo wouldn’t. He seems to mostly play with cropping and perspective to put a twist on things.

The first piece of his that caught my eye was titled “Alfred,” and probably caught my eye because it was so iconic. It takes the two things Alfred Hitchcock was best known for, his profile silhouette, and his movie Birds, and put them into one image. Not too difficult to interpret, but visually stimulating, nonetheless. His other pieces would offer a bit more of a debate for interpretation. My assumption is that he is not trying to say anything specific, he is just playing with technique and trying to break the traditional boundaries of a portrait. Now this might be my assumption because I saw this work in a school, and I might have subconsciously thought of him as a student, and see him as trying new things. I might be completely wrong.

This goes to show you a couple of things. A lot about where you see an artwork will effect the way you see it. A piece seen in the MoMA has a different impact than a piece on the subway. Also, you can never assume to know what you will assume, I started off by saying I knew nothing about this artist, but I knew he had stuff hanging up in a school. Anonymous isn’t exactly anonymous, and “untitled.” Is still kind of a title. We can’t escape everything we already know.