Artist of the Day #6: Reinaldo Valentin

This time around I decided to go from within my inner circle. Fellow Wired-Gallery alumnist and found object aficionado, Reinadlo Valentin is throwing everything and most likely including the kitchen sink into his work.  With obvious influences from every avenue of street Art, he throws some conceptual modern ideas into the mix as well.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing his work change a bit over the years. It  has always been interesting and experimental, now he has managed to keep all of that in tact and get more polished. This comes partly from his level of presentation and partly from just the fact that his work has gotten more crisp.

He has also branched out considerably in how he uses his materials. When I first came across his work, he seemed to be mostly just using different materials as his canvas, now he seems to be completely redefining the way these objects can be used. This is most elegantly seen in his latest use of slides and fish eye lenses to create these fascinating table top sculptures. The only thing that seems to be at all consistent throughout the years is his love for that cerulean blue.

Rey is currently working in Bethlehem, PA. Some of his work can be found in the New Vox Gallery but its also very possible that you see his work in any place he decides to put it up. Eyes open America.


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