Artist of the Day #5: Alison Hiltner

Are you like me? Do you think about time travel a lot? Well guess who else does, Alison Hiltner. And based on what I see in her work, I think she might have been there already. I saw some of her work years ago and it has always stuck in my head. She is the product designer of our tomorrow. She is providing simple solutions for tomorrow’s super villains and anyone who needs an organ in a hurry.

Imagine if Harley Quinn had to make some money on the side on top of being the Joker’s hench-woman. She might be going door to super villain door selling the villain kit. The kit includes everything you need to create a minion army and take over the world. Hiltner has given this product a futuristic finish complete with advertising that looks to be straight from the back of a comic book from the 1950’s.

Or what if you find yourself a kidney or two short, but you don’t have time to stop and find a doctor, let alone a donor. Fear not, Hiltner has organ vending machines coming to a store near you, and don’t forget to get a liver for your friends at work. Then you can hop on your brain protein motorcycle and be on your way.

Alison Hiltner is what I would like to call seriously funny. She doesn’t just stop at having a funny clever idea, she goes above and beyond to make that idea polished and very real looking. If you took any of these artworks and removed the joke involved, they would still be very real looking objects. She herself describes most of her work as “a series of what ifs.” With such an obvious influence from old sci-fi movies it is somewhat surprising that we are not seeing her creating props for movies. Regardless of what she chooses to fill her days with, I am glad most of it seems to be making hilarious, sci-fi based pieces of Art.