Artist of the Day #4: The London Police

No, today’s artist is not the actual police, or bobbies of London, it is a duo of London based street artists. Chaz and Bob have been collaborating as artists for over 10 years creating countless paintings, murals, and products. They have gotten to be recognized for their often poly-headed character known as a “Lad.” The Lad is seen in most of their works interacting in a variety of strange and often sci-fi based environments.

Their work is purely a collaborative one. You can see some video of the two fooling around and eventually getting to some painting here: . It is typically Chaz creating the Lad in a variety of poses and situations, and Bob creates the environment. Sometimes  they start with the character, others with the background.  And as hard as it might be to believe, everything is done by hand, painstakingly, slowly, and carefully by hand. Chaz’s ability to hand draw virtually perfect circles is impressive enough to get my attention, the fact that there is a whole exciting scene surrounding these perfect circles is cause for applause.

Their idea to form the London Police originally started as an umbrella under which they would follow other creative endeavors such as making music and writing. So far they have mostly been known for these types of paintings, but they have branched out into some degrees of performance art and film. They recently tried an experiment where they handcuffed themselves to each other for some amount of time. During which they continued to work on a series of works while testing the limits of their friendship.

Between their videos, interviews, and of course paintings, it is easy to see that these two have an excellent sense of humor. When all too often artists take themselves too seriously, it is refreshing to see some people just having a good time and running with it.  Their most recent series can be seen at the Opera Gallery in SoHo for anyone spending time in the big apple.