Story about ArtsLehigh artist in residence, Ryan Hulvat

Lynn Olanoff of the Express-Times wrote an article about Ryan Hulvat’s recent exhibit at Home & Planet.

Here’s the first couple of paragraphs, and ONE picture.

Express-Times photo by Lisa Massey

A year and a half ago, Bethlehem photographer Ryan Hulvat was commissioned as an Arts Lehigh artist in residence to document Lehigh University’s South Side Initiative community gardens project.

As he visited the various South Side parks where the gardens are being developed, Hulvat took notice not only of the gardening efforts but the other visitors to the parks.

So in addition to his commissioned work, Hulvat started his own photography study of the greater South Side. Out of it has come a photography exhibit, “In the Shadow of Tom Joad,” on display through the end of the month at Home & Planet on East Third Street. … ~Lynn Olanoff

Seriously though – read the rest of the article by linking to the Express-Times website = please. ArtsLehigh practices the highest internet manners by encouraging our readers to click through to the original site. Internet metrics depend on it.

For now – a little bit more on what’s possible to continue the conversation on campus with regard to Ryan’s documentary photography work…

Ryan’s work is plentiful. Each time we sit down to review his photography, there are hundreds of stories of Lehigh research and community work at play. We will most likely be hosting a series of exhibits of Ryan’s work in the ArtsLehigh space in the next few months. Of course, we’ll keep you posted on things.

Don’t miss seeing the exhibit up now and only until the end of December.

One final shout- out to Jon Clark at Home & Planet. He’s an amazing supporter of the creative community, and of local talent. We know some more secrets to reveal in the next coming weeks to Home & Planet. And one of the object there is soon to move onto campus….. but won’t tell you now. You’ll have to guess.