Want to know more about Lehigh-Lafayette? #rivalry147

There’s lots of energy on campus today. Pride oozes out of the brown and white, traditions seep into every moment. If students have classes today, they will probably be visited by a “march by” of the Marching 97 – otherwise known as “eco-flame”. There were so many activities on campus during spirit week. Hard to miss the build up to the big game.

If you want to stay in touch with all the antics, follow @AsaPackersGhost on Twitter, or keep in touch with the #rivalry147 hashtag.

Also, pick up the special edition of today’s Brown and White – that’s sure to be a fine memento for your Lehigh time capsule!

Live telecast of the game is available for alums around the country. The Lehigh U Alumni office compiled this list of telecasts. They’re even running a photo contest for those watching around the country.

If you haven’t given yet, don’t miss your chance to give to the challenge, there’s still time.


To really want to get into this 147 year old rivalry, check out the local PBS 30 1 hour long production:


Finally, we at ArtsLehigh LOVE the creative spirit that infuses our campus. We hope that everyone enjoys the game safely and considerately. The best memories are happy ones.