Gratitude and Admiration

Sometimes it takes a trigger to remind me how important it is to recognize the amazing people around me. I was scoping around Facebook a few minutes ago when I saw this post from a colleague (amazing in her own work), Ms. Carolina Hernandez, the director of the Community Service Office.

Those of us on campus, or living in the Lehigh Valley know that there was a freakish snow storm that took out power for a few days. Considering all the chaos, mess and responsibilities many people had to protect lives and livelihoods, it should not go without duly mentioning from as many communications as possible the amazing contributions of the Lehigh University Dean of Students office and Student Affairs staff.

Each Associate Dean (“AS” on Carolina’s post) pulled in multiple extra hours, monitoring dorms and students to ensure their safety while PPL crews worked tirelessly to pull our sense of normal back.

Enter “spirit week” – the week of intense student activities all built around the longest running football rivalry in the country. I follow many of these colleagues on Twitter. Their posts have been an incredible resources for staying in tune to what’s happening on campus. It always gives me a boost of pride knowing that the staff is there for the students in tough times, and in joy.

To cap it all off – now there has been a potentially identified case of bacterial meningitis. Yet, these folks remain steadfast in their work; professional, dedicated and passionate about making this campus a stellar place to work, learn and live.

Can I get a roll call?

Sharon Basso
Katherine Lavinder
Tom Dubreuil
Allison Gulati
Lori B. McClaind
Kelly Grim
Carolina Hernandez
Cheryl Ashcroft
Lisa Ruebeck
Allison Ragon
Steve Dutton
Tim Wilkinson
Veronica Hunter
Jessi McPherrin
Daniel Grzesik
Christa Wessels
Jessica Manno
Joseph Gurreri
Julia Sterrett
Jennifer Scaia
Kate Conway
Chelsea Blais
Matthew Kerch
Kerri Kloorfain
Lauren Petrillo
Brandon Morris
Chris Mulvihill
Matthew Kitchie
Ginger DeBias
Carol Hill
Timothy Gardner
Tyrone Russell
Courtney Jones
Rita M. Jones
Brooke DeSipio

And all of the coordinators who are vital to keeping it all together:
Donna Clearie
Nancy Freeman
Julie Seifert
Leslie Ladick
Irene Karvoski
Leanne Hamlet
Rosa Guzman
Leslie Ladick
Danielle DeVito
Becky Navedo
Marianne Deutsch
Ruby Scott
Sandi Piazza
Amy McGarr
Kim Ketterer
Evelynda Santos
Traci-Ann Mindler

Big list; BIG JOB!!! We at ArtsLehigh commend you.