Volunteer at Donegan Elementary

Interested in getting involved with children, doing community service, and gaining teaching experience?

Due to a complete loss of funding for after school programming, Donegan Elementary School is looking for volunteers to run and assist with after
school programs. Volunteers can be individuals, groups, clubs, or organizations. Your task would be to plan and implement an after school
program on a weekly basis. Programs can be based on volunteers’ skills and interests. We are seeking a wide array of programs to provide enrichment
and life experiences for the elementary school students!

If interested, please contact Lehigh University Community Fellow, Brittany Fisher at 610-332-6428 or blf211@lehigh.edu.


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  1. I forwarded this request to the South Side Task Force mailing list. I know that many folks who wanted to volunteer, balked when they were told they needed the child care clearances and TB test. Our city health department told us that they would do the TB test for free for anyone volunteering for the Donegan stint. If you need any further info on that, please contact Judi Maloney who heads the city health department at
    Jmaloney@bethlehem-pa.gov . I believe that Sands-Bethlehem also was interested in providing mentors and tutors from their employees (who already have the criminal background checks done) Any questions there should go through Donna Taggart who represents Sands for SSTF. Donna@taggartassociates.com . Due to the mess at PSU, most people fully understand the need for the clearances. However, some told me that I should contact the Tea Party GOP, who are taking their country back by starving out the public schools to avoid paying any additional taxes. But I hear they aren’t interested, since all their kids go to private schools. 😉 But I HATE all the balderdash afloat in the political toilet of DC and Harrisburg. It’s hurting the kids!

    Seriously, I hope you can get enough volunteers to help make this thing work. Those kids have always been very important to me, personally. They are my neighborhood’s kids. Their parents are poor or absent. Their PTO is just as poor. They had one fund raiser with the help of Sands and ArtsQuest, but we need the volunteers. Thanks to you and Lehigh University for stepping up to the plate for this endeavor. We are extremely grateful to you all for your help.

    Roger Hudak,
    SSTF chairman

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