New Course: Art Entrepreneurship Community ENT 198

Two programs at Lehigh University are joining to offer a pilot course in the Spring 2012 semester. The Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation is offering a course being taught by ArtsLehigh director, Dr. Silagh White:

ENT 198: Art Entrpreneurship Community (3 credits) T/R 2:30-4pm

(It is up to the student to insert the punctuation or the prepositions, depending on their personal learning goals)

The course will focus on art as an economic driver in community building. Topics include: understanding community arts districts, entrepreneurial contributions to venues and networks, new arts venture creation, management approaches inherent in the entrepreneurial mindset. Activities may include: positioning of arts events, determining target audiences, marketing, arts based business models and resource needs, development of preliminary action plan to execute an arts related event.

Note: “arts” activities here are broadly conceived, including visual, performing, technical and literary arts.

Reading from Richard Florida’s theory of the “Creative Class”, and from a course pack of blogs, articles (local and national) about the conditions that connect issues with urban communities through a vibrant arts culture. Finally, we’ll have some speakers throughout the semester come in and talk about their entrepreneurial ventures in the Lehigh Valley; long term, and newly emerging.

Contact Silagh White if you have any other questions.

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