Spooky DWS

There’s a guy running the Drown Writer’s Series (DWS) this year that has a really smart wit. We get a kick out of reading his emails that call for readers to the next gathering, or to announce who will be reading at the next session. Here is what we see in our inbox every other week:


District Chief Inspector St. Bost looked over the corpse and rested his donut on the cold, pale forehead of the vic. “Another one,” he piped, “Kremmelled just like the others. Death by papercuts. What a way to go.”

He reached into the body’s jacket pocket for an id. “Wenger. Kevin. And only one sub away from a free one. Poor bastard.”  He paused before reaching into the front right pocket of the dead man’s jeans. He knew what he’d find, he’d found it on the others.

The killer didn’t disappoint. Bost found the 3×5 index card with blood stained edges, and the same not so subtle clue:
Friday 28 Oct. 
Noon to One
@ the H.C. 

“I’d say it’s high time we checked this DWS out,” Bost said swarthily, to no one. “See what kinda psychos we might find.”
(There are hidden references to people who will be readers for the next session. If you want to be in the know on the jokes, you’ll just have to go)

The Drown Writer’s Series is a bi-weekly (usually) gathering of people who read their own work in public. The “official description from the one web site that actually describes the program (We’ll spare you the link since it’s all right below):

The Drown Writers’ Series offers writers a forum for presenting their work to a supportive audience. Students find opportunities to read their original poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction to a weekly crowd of writers and listeners.

The sessions are usually held at the Humanities Center (224 WEST Packer Avenue); a warm, homelike building with comfy couches, and usually a pot of something tasty on the stove. DWS is the brain child that started over a decade ago by noted alum, Dr. Thomas Bierowski. Since ArtsLehigh’ been around, we’ve seen a few of these sessions. And had the pleasure of watching a few hilarious stories, deep thoughts and the occasional poke and humorless body functions.

This year’s ring leader is doctoral English candidate, Devin Donovan. If you are interested in getting the announcements of the next call for readers, you should sign up for the email list. But we won’t share that with you here. We know you’re serious about wanting to see the DWS if you actually go to one, pluck up the courage to find Devin, and give him your email personally.