October is National Arts and Humanities Month

Since 2009, President Barak Obama has proclaimed October as National Arts and Humanities Month. ArtsLehigh will be taking this month’s recognition as motivation to step up our blogging activities, featuring a post a day about the arts and humanities activities happening on campus and in the local community. Subscribe to our blog to keep in touch.

Tonight, after the performance of “Dusty and the Big Bad World,” there will be a talk aback co-sponsored by Lehigh University’s LBGQTIA Services. Not only are life styles and family values a topic of conversation, but also are perspectives of United States government funding for public broadcasting (PBS and NPR). In lieu of a recent news article stating the congress is once again looking to cut funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the timing of this play, and following conversations couldn’t be better. Even Federal Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke weighs in on the issue.

Share your thoughts, hear other perspectives tonight. The talk back will begin after the end of the play, around 10pm.

The play can be experienced at 8pm tonight at the Zoellner Arts Center, Diamond Theatre. It also runs through this Friday. Don’t miss it.

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