Portrait Show in City Hall Rotunda

Image created and shared by Lehigh University Associate Professor Berrisford Boothe

The idea of the show is to celebrate self portraiture by artists who may or may not do self portraits and self portraits by interesting Bethlehem people who have never created anything like a self portrait.  The non-artists were offered help executing their “portrait” by one of the exhibiting artists. These non-artist self portraits may be highly interpretive, using any means including but not limited to photography, collage, drawing, and painting.

The title of the show is called: Let’s Face It

The curator of the show, Lehigh University Professor Emeritus of Art, Richard Redd sums it us best:

A show of self portraits that you won’t soon forget opens on Sunday, Oct. 2 at the Bethlehem Town Hall (The Rotunda). Thirty acts of revelation in paint, ink, pencil , collage, ceramic, glass, photography, cut paper and even doodles. Images range from realistic to abstract. Fifteen artists and fifteen citizens of the city who never made a self portrait before will have you going around in circles. Well, it IS a rotunda!

Opening reception on Sunday from 2 to 4 PM at the Bethlehem City Center.