Celebrating Women of Lehigh: Sara Meade

In 1971, Lehigh University went co-ed. In the upcoming year, Lehigh will celebrate this remarkable part of history throughout the 2011-2012 academic year, with a kick off on September 10th. As the date comes closer, we’ll be sure to share more information with our readers.

In support of this history, ArtsLehigh will feature pioneering women of Lehigh’s past and present. Today, we feature a recent alum, Sara Meade.

Sara’s Story

Sara Meade graduated from Lehigh University in 2008. While at Lehigh, she excelled in design and was very active in student leadership. She continues her work supporting Lehigh as a member of the Young Alumni Council.

As an MBA student at Northeastern University, she was required to take a course called ‘International Field Study.’ China seemed like the best place for her to study supply chain management. She knew about the company Susan Pearl, where the pearls are strung, from her mother. Her mother does business in Shanghai, and colleagues from her company always take visitors to Susan Pearl because of their great products and friendly staff.

Sara bought pearls from Susan Pearl for her classmates and sold out with requests for more. She went back the next day for a bigger order so she’d have a few to take home, and ended up talking with a small business owner from Canada, who her owns jewelry business and they chatted for 6 hours while her pearls were made. That business owner’s one piece of advice: don’t wait to do this seriously.

Sara put together a business plan of how to import these pearls. The pearls are from freshwater farm raised mollusks, and the unusually colored ones are laser dyed.

Please take a look at Sara’s amazing work by perusing her website. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, this just might be the piece that completes your outfit.


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