Feel Your Presence with Tai Chi.

Thank goodness we were inside. With the heat index in triple digits, I’m not quite sure I would have survived a “meditation in motion” session, which usually takes place outside at the Air Products Town Square every Wednesday at noon. This week, however, with the sun bringing on the heat and humidity, it would have been hard to feel somewhat graceful.

I was a Tai Chi newbie and slightly intimidated by the 30 or so people who felt comfortable in their bare feet. Now inside in the Connect Zone (far end of the ground floor), we were certainly trying to connect ourselves in the mind-body-spirit way. And though I didn’t take off my Nikes, I really enjoyed learning about how I can find peace among the chaos. Tai Chi is one of those ways for people looking to escape the stresses of their every day routine and instead harness some positive energy. Will Lehigh students ever venture down here during a free lunch hour during the school year? Probably not. But then again, Lehigh students have done stranger things.

In fact, Tai Chi wasn’t at all strange to me. It was calming. And it was further reassuring that I wasn’t the only new person there. That means at least 25 were summer regulars and a handful of others were brand-spankin’ new. So the curiosity is there. I hardly noticed I was the only person under the age of 30. I can think of no better way for students to hang out with a demographic outside of themselves: capturing Chi.

Or energy. And using it for good. If Bethlehem is the up-and-coming Renaissance town, then it makes sense that we collectively try some methods in being enlightened. Not for nothing, I felt pretty incredible after the 45-minute session. I wasn’t wearing a watch and I didn’t need to. The minutes passed by effortless. Why? Because I was focused. I was In The Moment. Really, I was. This is important when making forward progress because it forces you not to get ahead of yourself. It brings you back to the basics of breathing and moving your limbs in poetic fashion. Sure, we don’t do this every day. But it would only help if we did it once in a while. Say, once a week.

It’s easy to get caught up in grand ideas just as easy it is to become exhausted with the dedication and commitment to see that idea visualize. Tai Chi is a great way to clear your mind and feel your presence. Yes, you will feel silly. But some part of you will also feel like a kid again. You know, when anything was possible.