SmartsQuest Trivia Night

The last thing I wanted was to become that girl. You know, the one that rallies a bunch of people together for a night out, only for that night to be complete bust. Never having been to SmartsQuest trivia night at Steel Stacks (Thursdays at 7:30 pm) I was pretty concerned about over-committing and under-delivering. I had promised all of my friends it would be a fun night, even convincing them that there was no better place to be spending our Thursday night. Truth is, I didn’t want to be playing trivia against ourselves. I prayed for other people in the community to show up at Steel Stacks.

Turns out we won third place! Out of three groups, of course. But more than the trivia, I was impressed by just how many people were spending their Thursday night at the new venue. Maybe it wasn’t for the same reason we were there (to drink, be merry, and pretend we knew what year the Spice Girls came onto the American scene: 1996, NOT 1997, as I had thought). There were hundreds of people hanging out at the outside Levitt Pavilion listening to live music or checking out the book signing of an author who used to work at Bethlehem Steel. There was a steady stream of people walking to and from the outdoor spaces to the inside bar area. So maybe they were drinking and being merry; two out of three isn’t bad.

As for the trivia, they call it SmartsQuest for a reason: it is a very complex version, with in-depth score-keeping methods. In short, you’ve got to pay attention to detail if you’re going for the gold (US Women’s Soccer, phenomenal fight but hats off to Japan, bringing home so much more than a trophy). If you don’t want to be completely embarrassed by your intellectual inadequacy, there are plenty of ways to sneak a peak at your SmartPhone. But of course, this is cheating and I’d encourage this only as a last resort, incredibly desperate effort. Or, you can just decide to have fun and laugh at yourself for not knowing that only in a Bruce Springsteen song can you wrap your legs around velvet rims and strap your hands across engines.

Local comic, Steve Bost, is the host of trivia and he made it fun for the three groups, who neither got too competitive nor trash-talked. It was a nice clean game that can only get better once more people decide to check it out. And even though plenty of people had stopped to ask us what we were playing and stayed to watch for a little bit, none had decided to actually join in themselves. I suppose that’s alright for now, we were a very intimidating group, anyway. What mattered for me, was that there was plenty of interest from many people.

Like anything in life you find curious, the next step is acting on it. And that will come. I know this, because many people at Steel Stacks that night were already doing so. They were that girl. You know, the one decides to mix it up a little bit, who rallies a group of people together for a really great night at a new place. What a beaut!


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