History is alive in Easton, PA

We wanted to tell you about some things happening in Easton this upcoming weekend. While our community may have had its fill of the red, white and blue (not to mention post fireworks travel issues), we still have an opportunity to see history come alive.

Readers who are new to the Lehigh Valley might not know that Easton was an important military center during the Revolutionary War. Along with Philadelphia and Trenton, NJ; Easton was one of the first three places the Declaration of Independence was read. Centre Square is home to the Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument, a memorial for Easton area veterans killed during the American Civil War.

The Declaration of Independence will be publicly read this coming Sunday at noon. There’s many activities planned for Friday through Sunday, so we added a link to their website here.

A special addition to living history will also be present in Easton; the Pennsylvania Civil War Road Show.

Based in a 53-foot expandable trailer, the Civil War Road Show will bring interactive exhibits and special programming on the Keystone State’s vital role in the war to local communities across the Commonwealth.

There will be both Revolutionary and Civil War re-enactments on the scene. If you are interested in experiencing living history, you’ll get a full dose this Sunday.


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