Creativity needs to be practiced.

There are many books on creativity; some define it and why it’s important, others discuss how to nurture it. The truth is, creativity is something we all have and need to exercise. While some experts believe that creativity can be taught, others believe that creativity needs first and foremost, work. Finding ways to exercise creativity during the warm and sticky summer days may take some exploring and experimentation.

A professor at Ball State University, Brad King is someone who found a twitter stream among recent Lehigh journalism graduates, our own professor Twitter (a.k.a., Jeremy Littau) and some other local bloggers. We collectively decided to take on King’s writing challenge: 90 blog posts [of at least 100 words each] in 90 days. Our small group, #LUBlogTribe has begun the challenge this week. The challenge is open to everyone. If you want more information on the 90-in-90, please contact Silagh White ( who will suggest ways to start  your own blog.

Selkie Theatre’s playwriting seisuns, adult dance classes, Word Wednesdays, adult art classes at the Banana Factory, are only a few other ideas to play with your creativity. No doubt there are others, and I hope if the reader knows of some, to please contribute them to the comments section.

Beyond desire, one must muster the courage to try. Like most grown ups, we tend to avoid things if we thing we might fail. If you have a chance to observe a baby who is learning to walk, you’ll see that they have so much desire to succeed, that every hard landing on their rear end doesn’t deter them from trying again. Usually, there is a parent near by to encourage, sooth and celebrate those first monumental steps. As adults, we might need to dig deep to take a step toward trying. At ArtsLehigh, we say, “Go for it!”