Farmers Market Tuesdays.

Every Tuesday from 3-7 p.m. you can peruse fresh produce, meats and cheeses, wine, and a variety of breads and baked goods at PNC Plaza in SteelStacks. You can even buy organic, and very healthy all-natural dog cookies for Fido. Or in my case, my 10-year-old chocolate lab Jake, who we had to put on a crash diet since his recent 103-pound weigh-in last week.

The first time I had ever attended a Farmers Market was last summer when I had traveled to Madison, WI to visit my brother for a few days. I was blown away, to say the least. If you’ve never been, all the vendors line the four streets of Capitol Square early on Saturday mornings and hundreds of people buy a plethora of home-grown goods. It was a sense of community that had been lost on me, so I was excited to explore Bethlehem’s Farmers Market. I enjoy people, and I am very much fascinated by the idea ofmaking something and then sharing it. What better place to do that, then a place that specializes in a food, something that already brings people together.

It was nice to be meet people who call Bethlehem home, even nicer to meet people who bring in their goods from nearby towns in the Lehigh Valley wanting to make a difference. Bethlehem’s reach is growing from the outside in. Children were creating pictures on the pavement with florescent chalk while a musician was singing and guitar-playing for a gathered audience. Vendors were talking, customers were asking questions, and the fresh foods spoke for themselves. Everybody was contributing in a wonderful producer/consumer dynamic of give-and-take; a comprise necessary to help sustain any lasting relationship.


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