Greenway update

When dropping my kids off at Holy Infancy school today, I saw that (30+?) trees were delivered on the Greenway site behind the Litzenberger House. If the weather cooperates, we could see them standing up by this weekend. These trees will be sentinels of shade and cool respite for the long stretch of a black pathway that will be a smooth walking/biking/running/skating path from New street toward the eastern side of South Bethlehem. Even through the rain, crews are working to get them into the ground.

There’s also some changes in the street crossings to see. The Adams street / Greenway crossing easement and curb is done enough to drive through. As point of reference, Adams Street and Mechanic Street is the South Bethlehem Bus Terminal. Or for the fancy cocktail types, where the Bookstore Speakeasy is located.

If you plan to drive Webster street, be aware that it will soon be closed as it is next up for improvements, just like the one on Adams. Where the Greenway path crosses a city street, it will become very narrow and level with the greenway. There must be cooperation between pedestrian and driver. Pedestrians will have right of way. But don’t expect drivers to pay attention to that. I mean, are cars even stopping at designated crosswalks unless there is a police presence? Let’s hope that slowing down vehicular traffic will lead to safe crossing for everyone.

The Adams street change took about 3 months. I’m hoping the length of time was due to so many weather delays. Taylor Street is already closed. The transformation of one way streets for each Greenway crossing may cause some re-routing for vehicles. Please allow yourself time to make adjustments. And know that traffic in South Bethlehem is going to be a mess for a while. Better just get used to it; we’re ALL dealing with it.



  1. It’s easier to deal with it when you think of how great it will be when the whole thing is finally done. This greenway has been years in the planning and is an integral part of the renaissance of south Bethlehem. This summer will be a growing pains summer, but a wonderful peak at what is to come. It’s a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement. And it will be happening soon! Remember Penndot’s motto: “any day now, any day….”

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