Farmer’s Market is back (and better) at Campus Square

I took a quick walk through on my lunch break today. There was a fair amount of product vendors, and a few food vendors. The product vendors sell soaps, handmade jewelry, other small items. One nice produce stand sold apples, lettuce, scallions, rhubarb and other seasonal produce. They also sold a wickedly delicious applesauce that I could have sworn was a miss labeled apple butter. But no, the vendor insisted it was their apple sauce. Next week I’m going to get there early so I can grab a jar.

There were THREE really cool (to me) things I saw when I was there, aside from saying “hi” to work colleagues and local friends. As soon as the Holy Infancy School heard that Dave Fry was singing in front of the fountain, the kindergarten teacher grabbed her entire class and walked them over to dance and sing a few songs with him. See, every time Dave Fry comes into town, if he can swing by Holy Infancy, he’ll just pop into the school for a spontaneous assembly. The kids love it. As a parent, I’m happy to see an artist with such affection for a school. As an administrator, I can appreciate the relationship between principals and artist for be able to just stop by for a little art engagement. Yet another special, extraordinary thing here in South Bethlehem

The other cool thing was related to Twitter. Yes, I engage with folks on twitter. I follow @backdoorbakeshop. Last night, they tweeted a secret word for get a 2 for 1 cookie deal. So I said it. And got two ridiculously delicious cookies that I might (or might not) share with my kids.

The last cool things was the beautiful window coverings that the Campus Square managers hung in the vacant store (formerly known as “Market on the Square”. Lauren Sammeck (Marketing and Communications specialist at Lehigh University) worked with the designers in the Lehigh University Art Galleries to produce these LOVELY screens that not only inform visitors to the space about the summer long market, but also add a touch of beauty to the environment. I tried to catch a few shots of this – but a vendor was set up in front. Next time you stop by for an ice cream break, take a look. It’s a really great idea. And if you know any building owners with current vacancy (ahem, Goodman building) – consider this option. It looks so much better than an empty store or a half-baked effort.