This story will touch your heart

This morning’s edition of the Philadelphia Broad Street Review posted a story of a young choreographer’s work in war torn Bosnia.

Read link to “Miracle in the Balkas: The Politcal Power of Dance” This reader was touched not only by the humanity of the artist, but also the relationships created by the dancers and audience in Sarajevo, Mostar and Belgrade. While the war ended in 1995, the ethnically mixed communities are still rebuilding and healing. The story tells much about the heroic efforts of an artistic visionary.

If you’re stuck at your desk for lunch, watch this five minute video. Or while waiting in line for your latte, or panini.

And just as a point of reference, the choreographer, Andrea Fargnoli, was 11 years old when the Bosnian war ended. This is a choreographer to wonder about, to watch and support. She is dedicated to using dance as a form of post conflict mediation and creating choreography that fosters social change. While still living in Bosnia, she is also helping produce a film in India, providing dance therapy to survivors of trafficking, abuse, street children and mental health patients in India.

What triggers an artist to create beauty for such troubled areas of the world? Hopefully the compassion in the heart of this  young artist will inspire the same in all who witness her creations.