Squeeze in a Senior Art Show

This day marks the middle of the week between semester end and summer session beginning. It’s a time for most of the campus to breathe just a little. Not all of campus is quiet. There are Trustee meetings, administrative reports to write, offices to clean, and oh yes, graduation ceremonies!

Even in the “slow” weeks, we can bring art experiences into our lives on campus. Two senior shows are showing in the Girdler Gallery (1st floor of the University Center). Lorie Mongi will end her senior art exhibit today. Kwesi Kankam begins his senior art exhibit this Friday; and run through June 10th. If you have business in the UC – take a little detour through this gallery.

And since we’re expecting days of rain, why not try a new (to you) venue this week?



  1. Slow weeks on campus with the trustees in town, eh? I certainly hope they take in the new Steel Stacks venues and check out the rest of the Bethworks site. I know Tony Corallo’s office has had a study done of the university’s needs and uses of facilities. I hope the trusty trustees at least give a peak at our old SGO building down on Third Street. I’m ever the optimist when it comes to the south side. This may be a bit of a stretch even for LU…but who’d’a thunk we’d have what we have now down on the site? It is rapidly becoming THE place to be. (work, play, and live!). I’d hate to have LU miss the proverbial boat because it was unaware or fearful of the possibilities for becoming a part of the new focal point of arts and entertainment in the city.

  2. For folks who don’t know, is the SGO building is the tall administration building opposite the entrance to the now Northampton Community College Fowler Family Center?

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