Finals at Lehigh

Campus is deceptively quiet this week. Students are furiously writing final papers, faculty are grading, administrators are compiling final reports. The stress of finals is balanced by the beautiful spring weather. Now is a great time for us all to take in the beauty of our campus and the brilliance of our city.

While the arts activity may be temporarily quiet on campus, there is much activity happening in Bethlehem. From annual spring concerts and plays to opening new venues and festivals, there is still something to discover and inspire you.

Note to all students – in the midst of packing up for the summer, don’t throw out what could be donated for the South Side Sale. Be generous and share. It’s the right thing to do. The Community Service Office is making is SUPER easy for you. They will pick up your stuff from the Residence Halls – ask your Gryffon for specific location. If you live off campus – please bring your donations to Kenner Theatre in the Student Center. Please read more information on the Community Service website here. Volunteers for collecting are sorting are also needed.

To all Community Readers – the Great South Side Sale will be June 11th at the parking lot on 4th street, between Buchannan and Pierce Streets. We’ll remind you again as the date gets closer.

Special request for writers – if you are interested in writing about your experiences in the arts and culture in Bethlehem, or on Lehigh University’s campus, we want to hire you. Please contact Silagh White ( for details if interested.