Attention Seniors!! (…and everyone else)

Previous Brown and White issues have featured two of locations we’re encouraging you to visit in the next three days. Tomorrow at 4:30PM, visit the “secret art space” on the mountain top. There’s going to be a legendary ceremony to celebrate the Chinese Bridge. Participants will be able to walk across the newly built Chinese bridge, and learn some interesting pieces of Lehigh’s history and Chinese culture. Part of the ceremony will honor the first Chinese students Lehigh in the 1870’s (here’s more to that historical piece). The ceremony will also include a aspects of the Chinese Qingming festival (meaning “bright and clear”) which celebrates the coming of spring.

So why is the space so secret? Because it’s not on any campus map. But you will be able to get there by bus. Just take any Lehigh University bus bound for the Mountain Top campus, but get off just in front of the Alpha Phi house. If you walk from there a little further, you’ll see a small access drive. By 4:30 tomorrow, you’ll see a bunch of other people in a space that’s normally only visited by forest animals.

If you want to really be in the spirit of the event, wear red clothing. Better yet, print out a Chinese mask and bring that along as well. And since it’s been a little rainy lately – we recommend sturdy shoes (or Wellies)

The other location to visit is the ENTIRE south Bethlehem business district for the 16th annual Spring on Fourth activities. A great summary of the day was featured on Michele Ryder’s column a few weeks ago. One thing you might feel is a huge outpouring of pride and joy from the many local citizens who organize all the activities on the day. There’s a chili fest with over 35 stations to taste, art and music happening on the streets at corners, and an awesome celebration of youth and reading at the Looper’s lot organized by Cops N Kids of the Lehigh Valley. And the weather looks good, too. If you get all caught up in the local scene of the Spring on Fourth, there’s always the next First Friday to continue your rounds of South Bethlehem culture.

And one more thing…. want to really witness history? The first public music event at the new SteelStacks Musikfest Cafe will be Sunday night, featuring local music legend, Craig Thatcher Band with special guests. If you haven’t yet ventured into the Steelstacks building yet, be prepared to be blown away by the venue and the ambitious programming coming to the Lehigh Valley.

If you manage to get to any of these events, or something more – PLEASE let us know how it was. Comments on our blog are always open.



    • What’s known as the South Side Sale is scheduled for June 11th.
      It’s a love fest on campus – and takes a HUGE amount of time for a small, yet ridiculously dedicated staff who volunteer after work hours to collect, sort and man the day.
      We’ll probably put a post on it mid-May as students are starting to pack up.

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