Sculpture Installations Exhibit opens April 1st

A very special sculptural installation exhibit opens during First Friday. But you can walk by the participating business windows now to take a peak.  It is a project of Professor Lucy Gan’s Sculpture Installation course (ART 197). While many stores in South Bethlehem were open to having students design sculptures for their windows, only 10 sites were used. Professor Gans guided students with strict criteria and a limited budget for their designs. Students installing sculpture at EuroYogurt You might have seen something similar to this activity on a competition show like Project Runway. This project wasn’t about a competition. The criteria for the students included consulting the store owners; an opportunity for them to develop a strong personal relationship which is key to a positive learning experience and a successful installation.

Local merchants are generous hosts for student engagement of many kinds. The manager of Re-Visions (Dave Ference) said, “We’re very excited to be participating with sculpture students at Lehigh University and turning our front windows over to two of them, Luke and Dave, for their installation. Their installation will be on display the entire month of April. From what we’ve seen so far they [all] should be quite interesting.”

Other stores that will showcase windows designed by Lehigh students are highlighted on this mapdesigned by Brianna Davis, project manager designed by Brianna Davis, the project manager for the exhibit.

Many South Bethlehem merchants support Lehigh University students by their donations as well as their generous sharing of their spaces. From gift certificates to free samples, the local merchants are ridiculously generous in their support of student initiatives. I hope that we ALL can return the favor by visiting the stores, AND supporting them as regular customers.

Special Note: in addition to the Sculptural Installations, be sure to stop by the table for Engineers Without Borders in front of the Re-Visions store. They are a group at Lehigh University that are working on worthwhile engineering projects to help impoverished communities.

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