What do you know about storytelling?

“Storytelling is an ancient Celtic art form. It has a multifaceted history of use including education of children and adults, history keeping, law making, conflict resolution, community decision making and mental healing. Storytellers were members of an elite class of many Celtic societies serving as valuable advisors to the Kings and Queens. (read more of this background provided by Scot Ansgeulaiche, a traditional Highland Storyteller)

Hear a bit of the traditional art form performed by Eamon Kelly.

After listening to that, you might remember that St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow. While that is a fine thing to remember, we also want to share with you some information about a few local storytelling events. In these events, the storytelling tradition is kept alive, not with any attempt at a brogue, but as a voice of contemporary culture and reflections of current issues.

The Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild was started in 1998 to promote the art of storytelling in the Lehigh Valley, and to refine the member’s storytelling skills. They have presented numerous showcases, appeared at festivals, conducted story swaps and workshops. They meet at Godfrey Daniels Coffee House on the second Wednesday of each month except August.

This coming Sunday, at Godfrey Daniels, the featured storyteller is Robbi K. Her show will combine music, theatre and culture with a worldview to bring a sense of the world community to family audiences. If you have kids, or are a kid at heart, think about seeing this show. Read more about Robbi K’s amazing career on her website.

The other major event presented by the Lehigh Storytelling Guild is the 2011 Story Fusion. The Guild is incredibly well organized. They’ve included all the information about what, where, when and prices on their website. We’ll save you a few click and share with you directly, HERE.

You may be wondering more, WHY should storytelling be of any interest to you? Every form of artistic expression is about telling a story. Art shares history, a sense of place, or emotions that are shared by all of humanity. We also tell stories with our research, our learning and our service to the world. If you are doing good work, learn how to tell people about it through great storytelling. Like all experiences in life, part of knowing how to do it well is to watch the masters. Story Fusion 2011 also offers workshops. A good story can be built with so much more than, “Once upon a time….”