Word Wednesdays

I met an interesting person the other week. After following his work in supporting local writers and performers on Facebook, I asked him to come to a Drown Writers Series to see the event at the Humanities Center. He just happened to have a few of his poems on hand and was willing to share his work on the spot. But it wasn’t until we lingered after the event that I learned more about his work encouraging other writers. His name is Yodi Duane Vaden. He is the force behind the Word Wednesdays at the Allentown Brew Works and various other efforts to support local writers, and open mics. If you venture to the Allentown Brew Works, a Word Wednesday might feature poetry, spoken word, songs, music, featured artists, DJs, short melodramas, or any other serendipitous creativity that erupts from the developing voices of Lehigh Valley residents.
Mr. Vaden has great vision for supporting the creative spirit in the Lehigh Valley. If you have a chance to see what the Word Wednesdays is all about, ArtsLehigh encourages you to take a short trip to Allentown tonight. A little venture if you have transportation and a little time may be the discovery of a network of support for young writers and people interested in finding other creative people. It’s spring break, afterall.



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