Why am I apologizing?

When I prepare to write the weekly message for the newsletter, I often find myself apologizing for sharing with our readers what seems like great events and thoughts – yet may be distractions to the work at hand. But instead of feeling guilty, I wish for you to consider a moment when you did something out of routine. Did you discover something new? Did an unexpected idea present itself? Were you changed?

Have you ever attended a lecture, performance or a venue for a reason other than a class requirement or obligation?

Maybe we have too much to do that we’re overwhelmed in just thinking of doing something different. Distractions are just so tempting! I once had a supervisor tell me the greatest sign for the need to take a vacation is when you don’t have time for one. How many of us are scrambling to meet Spring break deadlines?
(If I put my hand up in the air I wouldn’t be able to type now, would I?)

If your last serendipitous moment happened when you can’t even remember when, maybe it’s time to schedule work AND play. And by “play” I mean exploring, listening, reflecting and simply stepping away from the “work” of the moment.