50,000 messages to Congress Needed NOW

ArtsLehigh is not only an arts engagement program, we are an information resource for the arts. While we take considerable time finding out what’s being presented on campus and in the local community, we also feel it’s important to share vital information about the infrastructures that support the arts and culture in our community.

Next week, the House Appropriations Committee has proposed a MID-YEAR budget cut to dozens of federal programs, including support for the arts. The bill goes to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote next week. These are “high stakes deadlines,” according to an NPR report.

If you care about arts funding, you should be watching this process closely – and letting your elected officials know how you feel about their vote in congress (whether you voted for them or not). The Americans for the Arts, a national arts advocacy group, has set up an E-Advocacy Center to help you contact your congressman, and send him or her an email. It’ll take two minutes.

Those who idly stand by are doomed to inherit the results of the others’ actions.