Special appeal to students of theatre, music, art, architecture, design and creative writing.

One of the opportunities for you at Lehigh University are the multiple performances, exhibits and panel discussions led by guest artists. While everyone is no doubt, balancing responsibilities and meeting priorities, these experiences are usually once in a life time chances to see professionals doing what some of you may be aspiring to do in your career.

Just last Monday, a successful Lehigh alumn visited the theatre department to talk about his experience appearing in a (still running) Broadway play. Last week, a panel discussion by Nicholas Leichter and others from his company talked about their creative process and finding their voice through dance. Due to the efforts of faculty and administrators, these and other opportunities enlighten and inspire.

The same holds true for the many performances and exhibits presented at the Zoellner Arts Center, and the Lehigh University Art Galleries. I challenge you to make an attempt to see events outside your department. Stretch yourself. You might find a spark of inspiration where you least expect it.