Where does art come from?

Every piece of music, play, poem, sculpture and design comes from something in an artists’ mind. Art could be an expression, an emotion, an interpretation, a response, or a tradition. But where does it come from? What inspired or influenced the artist to construct the work? How might one understand more about what the artist is saying if they knew the answers to how the art came to be?

You may have had a moment while listening to a favorite song when you realize something you hadn’t heard before. A new nuance, sound, lyric or new meaning became clearer to you when you tried to sing along, learn the guitar chords, or even read the liner notes. Maybe someone revealed the meaning of a symbol that brought greater understanding of a historic or cultural reference in a painting or a film.

There are opportunities all around us to learn more about the influences of artists, and the layers of meaning, symbolism and structure of art experiences. Opportunities for these discoveries are right under our noses. Panel discussions, book reading, play readings, open mics, and lectures at art exhibit openings are the moments where we can learn more about the artist’s influences. Knowing more about the art, putting in a little more effort into understanding how the experience came to be can give you much deeper satisfaction.

Many artists want to answer your questions. And most are very accessible – if you only knew how to reach them. We can help you with that. And it’s better than any phone app. It’s called being present at one of the events listed in the newsletter. You can sign up on our website.

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