Gratitude for 2010

ArtsLehigh is grateful for the opportunity to share news and information about arts and culture at Lehigh University and in our fair Bethlehem City. As always, we invite you to share this information and your perspective on the arts in our area. Next year we’ll be stepping up activity on the blogs, Facebook and Twitter as we continue to highlight the creative work that surrounds us. Join the party, won’t you?

And so we’ve come to the end of another calendar year. Many of us pause to reflect on the challenges and successes we’ve had these past 12 months. We wish all our readers find time to recharge before returning to campus again for another go at learning, problem solving and discovery. Some of us will stay close by to celebrate the New Year with our neighbors.

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If you are staying in town, we share with you events that are happening in the next two weeks.

Our newsletter will be on holiday next week. We will return to your inbox on January 5, 2011.

Have a safe and Happy New Year.