‘Tis the season in the Christmas City

This being the last week of classes, students and faculty are digging deep into the last reserves of energy to complete assignments and prepare for rigorous finals. Yet, ‘tis the season in our fair “Christmas” city. You will find so many opportunities to warm your heart during the dwindling days of the semester. This week’s newsletter is packed with everything we could find on line. No doubt, there is more to discover. Many Lehigh alumni fondly remember this time of year on campus and in South Bethlehem. If you can, try to enjoy some of these activities, or just give yourself a moment to soak in a little bit of the atmosphere. Bethlehem truly is a special place, made even more delightful during the season.

But if you can’t get out, here’s a little bit of cheer available right now. Cue up the video to 2:15 and you’ll see what one of the Live Advent Calendar events looks like. You may even recognize some of the performers here.
There’s a little event happening each day of the Live Advent Calendar at 5PM at the Goundie House across the river. Catch the loop bus or brave the wind on Fahy Bridge. It’s not too far.

Warmest wishes during the last week of classes.