Art of the Urban Environments Festival Competition

In the spirit of Lehigh-Lafayette week, we are going to talk about Lafayette’s arts scene.

Completed in 1983, the Williams Center for the Arts is the home of the Performance Series, the Williams Art Gallery and College Collections, the College Theater program, the Departments of Art and Music, and the student-led Lafayette College Arts Society. The College Theater program also has faculty offices and a lab classroom/rehearsal hall in Pardee Hall. The Department of Art also houses programs in the Experimental Printmaking Institute on Hamilton Street and the Williams Visual Arts Building on North Third Street.

We invite you to poke around their website, and do an apples to apples comparison between their Arts Center, and Lehigh University’s Zoellner Arts Center. If you plan on heading to the game, take note of how close Easton is. Next time you’re up for an adventure off campus, consider the short drive to visit.

“But why should we be featuring Lafayette?” (you may be wondering) “Where is your loyalty to South Mountain?”

Because Lafayette is presenting the “Art of Urban Environments Festival” next spring. The Festival is organized around two major events: an international competition and a calendar of art related events.

Art of the Urban Environments Festival Competition

According to its website:

The international, national, and regional design community including, but not limited to, artists of all disciplines, architects, landscape architects, engineers, film makers are invited to submit unique and engaging proposals such as installations and performances that engage places of nature, art, and culture in transforming the post industrial American City.  Entrants are encouraged to collaborate with individuals outside their discipline. Partnering with schools, community groups, or arts organizations is also encouraged.

The Festival will run from mid April to mid October 2011. A series of event including self guided and guided tours of the site installations, lectures, art exhibitions, music and dance performances will be scheduled throughout the duration of the festival.

Dear friends of South Mountain; campus and local community, we’re pleased to share with you the link to learn more about the competition and upcoming festival.  Please heed the competition schedule, clearly outlined on page 3 of the call for entries. Deadline for submissions is December 10th. That’s only 16 days after Thanksgiving.

When we compete in creative competitions, EVERYONE wins.