Practical Application of Transmedia

Wednesday’s post about experimental courses to consider for Spring of 2011 got a good number of hits. But there is one course that wasn’t on the list. This course would be really compelling for a number of majors. But consider this if you are in a journalism, communications, marketing, pr, media relations, or any kind of storytelling field: understanding a practical application of transmedia will be an incredibly valuable asset for your career.

ENTP 397 Transmedia Storytelling: Entrepreneurship in Creative Arts (3)

Work directly with a film producer and new media entrepreneur Zeke Zelker on a just-launched project. Direct immersion in and reflection on the creative process of new-tech storytelling. Hands-on experience will blend art, media and commerce via an innovative multi-channel and multi-temporal approach to storytelling and audience development, combining social media, cellphone apps, merchandizing, live events, gaming, and filmmaking, opening an array of different audience entry points into the story and market opportunities at all phases.

CRN # 16853

Tuesdays 7:10 – 10pm in WPH 13

What makes this course a little different? Here’s a little message from Zeke Zelker:

At this point, you might be thinking, “What is Transmedia?” When I was a kid, my mom told me to “look it up.” But I know you’re busy. So here’s a definition that Professor Todd Watkins shared with me from

Transmedia is a format of formats; an approach to story delivery that aggregates fragmented

audiences by adapting productions to new modes of presentation and social integration. The execution of a transmedia production weaves together diverse storylines, across multiple outlets, as parts of an overarching narrative structure. These elements are distributed through both traditional and new media outlets. The online components exploit the social conventions, and social locations, of the internet.

Don’t take this definition alone. How about a 2003 academic perspective from Henry Jenkins, who writes for MIT’s Technology Review?

Or maybe a nice video description?

If you are so compelled by this post that you simply MUST register for the course – please contact Professor Todd Watkins directly. If you don’t know him yet, he’s not only the Lehigh U master of microfinance. Watkins is also the director of the Baker Institute for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

You will also have a chance to talk with Zeke directly at the iDex:Creative next Tuesday, Nov 16th 6-8PM in Packard Lab 101. Zeke is one of the many featured speakers of the night.