September First Friday. It’s back – and with a VENGENCE!

For those new to campus, the First Friday in South Bethlehem is the monthly event where local businesses and venues have a big party. In the general area of central South Bethlehem, one can walk around and stop in to find sales, samples and smiles. There’s a great family feel to this regular community event.

If you plan to venture into the city, try to make your way to the Northampton Community Center Fowler Center at 511 East 3rd street to see the multiple art installations with the “More Serious Business” show. The artists (more than 60) will be on hand to talk about their work. Then make your way west to stop in the many stores along 3rd street. On the other end, you’ll find hot glass blowing demonstrations at the Banana Factory. Head inside and upstairs to find even more artists in their studios.

Back on the street, be sure to stop by the Maze Garden on 3rd and New to meet the Faculty and students who were part of the South Bethlehem Community Gardens. Mayor John Callahan will also be there.

Try to reserve some energy for the businesses on 4th street. If you don’t get to everything Friday, you’ll have another chance next month, and the month after that. But don’t wait too long. You’ll need to gather some good stories to tell your friends and family back home soon enough.