Note from the director, August 4, 2010

The weather is hot and sticky. Summer session is winding down. Big white tents are popping up on the north side of the Lehigh River. It’s August in Bethlehem, PA – and it’s Musikfest time. There’s lots of music to hear, great food to try and people to see. Many of the local stores also run great sales. If you’re new to town – this event is one of the defining moments of our city. We hope you have a chance to experience it.

We promised to follow-up with you on the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship (PSGE) project.  At our request, the “ArtsLehigh Team” created eight themed trips of spots close to campus on the Gowalla location based social media app. The trip themes are:

Lunch in South Bethlehem

South Bethlehem Art Scene

South Bethlehem Convenience Stores

Southside Art Scene

Southside Coffee

Breakfast in Southside

Fancy Dinners in Southside

Southside Dates

Southside Free Wifi

Click on any of these trips to see not only how the software marks locations on a Google map, but also provides descriptions and tips written by the students.

We’ve chosen NOT to fix their work in order to invite you to critique the trips. What’s missing? Should we change descriptions? Do you have other trip ideas? As part of crowd sourcing culture, help us develop this tool so that students who choose to use it can find what they need. The beauty of this system, is that it’s flexible enough to reflect YOUR contributions.

We urge you to check them out, and share with us what you think.  We’ll also give you options for comments; send them to me privately, or engage in a conversation with others below.  We will also offer two tickets to a Zoellner show for anyone who points out more than five errors on all of the tours collectively. Happy hunting!