Director’s Note-July 21, 2010

Last week, I praised Andy Po for his tireless work on the new Bethlehem Skateplaza. Since then, I had the chance to witness the “ribbon” (actually, it was a bike chain) cutting ceremony where I learned about the many people that also were an important contributor to the park.

Mayor John Callahan championed this park as did several members of City Council. Behind all of this support, the park simply would not have happened without the tireless work and brilliant expertise of Bethlehem’s Park and Recreation Department led by Ralph Carp. Bethlehem has a lot of heart – in government as well as in our many dedicated citizens.

And speaking of great people, two young women are sharing their passion to create awareness about issues and improve our quality of life. Tina Edwards, lost her father July 2009 after a brave, 5 year battle with Lung Cancer. In an effort to raise funds and awareness for this horrendous and somewhat overlooked disease she is working with the Community Artists of Bethlehem to present “Every Breath: A Benefit for Lung Cancer Research dedicated to the loving memory of Robert Lee Edwards and to all families who have struggled with this disease. “

Lehigh University Staff member and former professional dancer, Katherine Bibalo, is one of the producers of the Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange. She and a few of her dance colleagues are offering free classes and workshops for an entire week so that members of the community who want to participate in the National Dance Day on July 31st can enjoy making art together.

Personally, I believe the people of Bethlehem are its greatest asset.

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