Director’s Note – July 7, 2010

One of the pleasures I have over the summer months is exploring more of the Lehigh Valley and meeting new people. During this past year, I developed a new (to me) network of friends and information through social media. Yes, I’m on Facebook, and so is ArtsLehigh. I’m also on Twitter, so is ArtsLehigh. And while some might not totally understand why people are into this – let me share with you some of the benefits I’ve found from participating.
1. I learn so much more about the people of the Lehigh Valley by listening to what they’re saying in these forums.
2. I post out queries of recommendations and get great results from local friends who have found great things.
3. I even have a chance to meet them face to face at lunch dates or Tweetups. (What’s a Tweetup?)

Aside from what I’ve learned, here’s a post that sums up who’s on Twitter.

Through Twitter, I’ve also discovered some local bloggers and websites that are great idea generators for ways to explore the Valley. I won’t overwhelm you with all the blogs I read. But here’s two of my favorites:
Laini’s Little Pocket Guide, on this site there’s stories, photos and maps – fabulously organized and easy to navigate. HEART OF STEELcity is an online documentation of artists, designers, musicians, business owners, sassy ladies, handsome fellows, optimists, belly laughers, home cooks, DIY project creators, photographers, comics, thrift-shoppers, writers, and more.

Yes, it’s hot. So hide away in some air conditioning for a little while longer. Discover new resources online in a cool computer lab or public library.